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China Casting Synergy Group is a professional casting company in China that has handled hundreds of casting projects for customers. We focus on execution and quality assurance, are always customer-centric, process-driven, and passionate about China’s casting manufacturing.

We are your ideal partner in foundry manufacturing. Has over 20 years of industry experience. Our team of creative engineers pay attention to every detail, ensuring you get the highest quality parts at a low cost. It all starts by filling out our quote request form. We take every possible measure to ensure the lowest price and highest quality. You’ll receive a quote quickly, making the most of your time.

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Precision Casting Services

Precision casting, a method for creating high-precision, smooth, stable, and complex shapes, is a forte of our stainless steel foundry. China Casting Synergy Group offers these superior quality products in various materials globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon the materials, complexity, and finishing requirements, we are proficient and competitive from prototype orders of 5 to full production runs of over 100,000 pieces per year.

Typically, we hold the following tolerances as listed below. However, depending on material and design specifications, we can hold tighter tolerances when needed.
+/- .020” on one decimal place
+/- .010” on two decimal places
+/- .005” on three decimal places
+/- .005” on blank dimensions
+/- 1 degree on angles

The die casting process is not typically well-suited for low-volume prototyping. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t deliver during the prototyping process. When it comes to developing your ideas, we can handle the most efficient prototyping processes for your component. Our sales and design engineers have seen it all, from prototyping for the medical, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and defense industries, to name a few. With our experience, we are equipped to help you optimize your prototyping process for any precision metal component.

If I send you a 3D(step) file, why do you need 2D drawings?

We serve a variety of industries, the largest of which include electrical, instrumentation, medical devices, instrumentation and metering equipment, and electronics.

Yes, if the tooling provided is in a mold that is compatible with our equipment.

Absolutely. Provide us with samples and any key dimensions or specifications of shape, fit and function and we can quote, design and produce your order.

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This is the Best way to Contact Us